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Removing or Replace Images in Template

Hey Everyone, how do I remove and replace images within a template that state for illustration purposes only. When I click on the image in the dashboard it only gives an option to delete not replace.

Help I want to get the site launched today.

Thank you,

Here is my share link

There’s usually a gear icon that appears when clicking an image. Here’s an example from one of my sites

. Are you in the designer when doing this? The ‘assets’ panel only has the option to delete the image.
You need to click the image where it’s used on the site in the designer.
Let us know if that did/didn’t help!

PS. for future help, it’s always easier for us to give accurate suggestions when you add the project’s ‘read-only’ link. Instructions on how to do that here: How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

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Thank you for this information. I am not a designer but thought I’d give it a try and do my own website.

No problem! We’re all learning :slight_smile: . So you were able to figure it out?

Hi Sarah,

I can’t seem to replace the images on the home page. The two gentleman and the women at the bottom. For some reason I don’t get a gear button

The woman is a background image. The gear icon doesn’t appear for those. Just delete and then add a new one. This is done by selecting the ‘image section’. In the design panel, scroll down until you see ‘backgrounds’. The plus button next to ‘images and gradient’ under background is where you can add a new image.
The two men are in a ‘symbol’ section. Not sure why it’s a symbol, did you do that or was that this way when you bought the template?
Anyway, double-click on the ‘about us row’ , this will allow you to edit the symbol. Then the gear icon does appear and you can swap out the two corporate guys for other people/images.

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