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Remove Webfont.js

Hi, is there a way to completely remove webfont.js from being loaded? Even though I am using no google or typekit fonts, it still loads for some reason.

The issue it, for users in China, all google services are blocked and this causes the site to not load until the attempt fails, basically making webflow useless for the Chinese market.

Unless there is something I’m missing here, I can’t imagine that anyone in China can use sites built on Webflow without VPN.

As a site note, I don’t see why webfont.js is being loaded at all if there are no custom fonts being used. It doesn’t seem well optimized at the moment.

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Hi @Aram_Zadikian, usually the webfont.js will not load if no fonts are being used on the site.

Could you please let me know the published url so that we can see css and see what fonts are being used in CSS? A font can still be defined in css and be used, even if not assigned to any element on the site.

A good thing to do is to clean up your styles that are no longer in use:

Thanks in advance.

Hi @cyberdave. Thanks for the response, I was incorrect it did indeed remove it.

I think what happened was I used a google font and noticed it being blocked in China then after removing, it was still there, I’m assuming it was the CDN cache and once that was purged it’s gone.

Thank you, it’s all good now!

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