How to remove Adobe Fonts (and loading 3rd party JS)


I started a project using an Adobe Font. The designer ended up changing the font to a free Google font that I’ve uploaded directly to Webflow to speed things up.

The problem is my site is still calling the third-party typekit javascript despite not using the font anywhere. This is impacting my load times.

I’ve checked the classes list for any reference to the font and it is not being used. I’ve removed my Adobe Fonts API ey from the project AND my entire workspace.

The font is still showing up in the list of fonts in the designer and typekit is still being loaded.

In the future I just won’t use Adobe to begin with, but is there any way to remove it from the site now?? Do I need to start a new site and copy everything over???

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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SOLVED: In case anyone is having the same problem the solution was to add back my Adobe API key to my workspace/site and then select ‘None’ from the list of Adobe Fonts projects.

I hadn’t selected ‘None’ before removing the API key and it remained enabled afterwards.

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