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Remove Thumbnails beneath Lightbox Image

I realize there are some really old posts of people who did work-arounds for hiding thumbnail sized images in a lightbox display. After reading through them, I wasn’t sure if any were completely successful in removing those and the space that they occupy in displaying a lightbox. I realize thumbnail may not be the correct term since these are on the lightbox screen after the original thumbnail has been selected. Please help by letting me know if there is a correct method of doing this. I cannot understand why Webflow makes users resort to hokey work-arounds rather than addressing these issues directly.

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It’s ok.

Take a step back and chill, it’s not a big deal. Webflow is probably Ok with you in saying you should have control over those things, yet Webflow is young, only a few short years old, adresses a lot of things, brings numerous huge updates very often, and surely doesn’t have time to update everything all the time, every component, every requested features etc. I understand everyone wants something, but developing or updating new things isn’t simple, it takes people, time and testing.

The ones providing custom code to display:none the element containing the thumbs are ok to use.