Remove Slide Nav from slider?

Hello All,

I was hoping to find out if I can get rid of the navigation buttons on my slider. If I try to delete the slidenav link block, the whole slider gets deleted too. Can anyone help?



Hey Dave :slight_smile: You can always select the slider navigation bar and go to Settings panel where you can hide it using those sweet buttons:


Thanks @bartekkustra :smile: totally spot on.

I think we allowed people to delete this element before, so we’ll take another look.

cc @callmevlad

@DFink Select the nav element and delete it. That is what i have been doing

Thanks Bartosz, that worked great! Deleting it does not work as it seems to delete the whole slider.

You’re right Dave, it seems that a change I recently made caused deleting a slide nav to delete the entire slider. Will make sure to fix that soon.

To be honest I think that it is better to hide it using settings. It is impossible to simply “add” that thing to slider after you delete it. You will have to recreate the whole structure and apply styles just to add navigation buttons.

@bartekkustra, I think you’re right :smiley:

Actually that is not true. To add the slide nav back in you just have to copy paste or drag and drop from a new slide nav. Try it out!

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