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Slider Nav Bullets

So…if these were accidentally deleted is there a way to restore? I tried dragging on a new slider and then dragging the links but it doesn’t seem to work.

You can try to use UNDO button

or (if you did too many changes already) try to use backup option in your site dashboard


@sabanna Thanks for chiming in on the post! Yep those are the solutions I would normally use…however I’m not sure exactly when or how the bullets were deleted. Possibly, the disappearance had to do with the “magic track pad” being overly sensitive and the bullets becoming highlighted accidentally and then deleted.

Oh well, I just redid the slider and it’s quick enough in Webflow that I didn’t waste too much time.

Thanks again.

Hi @jdesign, when this happens, you can also drag a new slider into the page, then drag the nav bullets from the new slider to the old slider.

You do not have need to recreate everything if you just deleted a component of the slider, you can just replace those things deleted (in most cases) from a new instance of the widget. :slight_smile: Cheers,

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