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Remove blue edge on button when pressed


I have a small problem with buttons when they are pressed it appears a small blue edge around the button ( see picture below )

and I can’t find where I could remove this effect, any help ??

Thank you !!!



I definitely have the same issue and wondering too about the fix if possible.


Can you post your share link?

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Just created a site with only a button so you can see the problem

Hmm… I’m using chrome and I just try on safari and I don’t have this blue shadow…

It looks that chrome is creating this… Do you know how I can solve that ?

Thank you

Yeah, I’ve never noticed this before. It’s a browser function on form submission buttons only. I just checked a few of my old sites and some do this and some don’t. I can’t tell why. On some sites, that focus state pulls from the button color itself, and use a 30% screen of it. For example, I have a gold button on one form and the highlight state comes up as a light gold (not blue). So I tried changing your button to a different color to see if the same would apply but it’s still coming up blue.

Also, when on a live site, when someone submits a from request, this state happens so fast and disappears, it’s barely noticeable. It’s built-in accessibility thing.


Hey, not sure if you figured this out but I just saw someone else posted a solution in the forums:

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Thank you! I know it ouline option but can find where to put css out-line: none; into my project.
My acount not paid yet. ^^

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