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How to remove the outline when click button

I just biginner with Webflow. I am creating .
When click the search button, it show a blue out line around the button.
How to set remove it?
Thank you!

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Oh, great question @phanvietdo!

To remove the blue outline on focus will require the following small amount of CSS:
.search-button:focus {
outline: none;

You can view the effects of the CSS addition in the following video:

Feel free to learn about adding custom code at the following Webflow University article:

Also, you can learn more about the outline property in the following CSS-Tricks article:

Please note that you should add some form of proper fallback for accessibility:

Hopefully this helps :blush:

Best regards,
Micah :nerd_face:


Thank you. Can you tell me how to put my custom css into project. I am newbie with Webflow.

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Oh definitely, @phanvietdo.

No problem.

The following Webflow University article explains it the best:

Hopefully this helps :blush:


Awesome Ryan!
Thank you very much!

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I can do it now. Thank you all!

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