Relume-Webflow Style Guide & Export

Hi Everyone!
New to Webflow and I’m already running into roadblocks…
I have created my wireframe in Relume and am ready to export it into my Webflow page. In Webflow, I have created a new site, for which I also got a CMS subscription. My problem: When I try to export from Relume to Webflow, I get the pop-up to clone the Style Guide in Webflow. When I do this, I can only clone it into a new site, but not the one I have the CMS subscription for. In my paid Webflow site, I now managed to paste in my pages from the Relume wireframe, but I cannot manage to copy or import in any way the Style Guide into this site. What am I missing here? How can I get both the Style Guide and my Relume pages into the same Webflow Site?

Thanks a million for your help!