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Reduce unused JavaScript? Site testing failed. How to optimize?

I just ran a test on my website using It’s giving a really low grade, saying there are many unnecessary JS scripts. The page is very simple, so I’m not sure what could be optimized. No animations or anything fancy. Just a simple responsive CMS page.

Any thoughts, anyone? What do you do to optimize your sites?

Here’s the report:


With multiple embeds and external scripts. Not a plain page.

Optimization is about making choices about what you include (load). If you are using embeds in Rich Text those are handled by Webflow using Embedly so you can’t do anything but not include them.

The only way to figure out what is really happening is to use devtools in your browser. That would show you that you are using 657kB of fonts (both Google fonts AND Typekit) for example. It’s a complicated subject and there are plenty of posts on the topic and lots of linked resources to further your knowledge.

Thanks @webdev! This makes sense. I’ll look into the devtools, and definitely the fonts!