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Redirecting Domain, Do I remove hosting service elsewhere?

I need help moving my current website ( to my new website made with Webflow (

I am simply trying to get to show the website created with Webflow, not what it currently is. I want to use that domain (as well as without having the Webflow branding.

I followed the steps (on Wednesday 8/10) to redirect the domain:

• The DNS settings are in DreamHost where is registered
• I updated both A records
• I tried to update the CNAME but DreamHost would not allow it
• I published the site on Webflow to

I understand it takes a while to update DNS settings, but I just had a quick question to make sure everything was redirected correctly…

• Currently DreamHost is also hosting, do I need to remove this hosting service in order to make the redirect from DreamHost to Webflow work?
• If I do need to remove the service, do I then update the DNS settings for both A records listed for Webflow?

If anyone has the answer, please share!


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