Redirect from blog.{project_name}.com to {project_name}.com/blog


Please help me understand. Our company has a large project on vuejs at {project_name}.com. Previously the customer wanted a webflow blog for this project on a subdomain blog.{project_name}.com. When the blog was finished, the client wanted the blog to open at {project_name}.com/blog. How do I make such a redirect?

Thank you.

Is the site at {project_name}.com a Webflow-hosted site?
If it is NOT, check your server environment for options.

If you want to maintain these as two separately hosted sites but under a single domain, your best option is a reverse proxy setup.

If your project’s server is running Nginx or Apache, for example, you may be able to reverse proxy directly from there and handle your /blog directory specially.

If both sites are Webflow-hosted sites, you’ll need to setup the reverse proxy separately, e.g. Cloudflare workers. Search the forum and you’ll find discussions.