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Recurring shadow bug

I have to keep doing this time and time again… I fix one and it suddenly happens on a different one (they all share the same class) it’s an endless game of whackamole!

Hi, I had a similar bug with link underlines. Took me forever to understand why and Webflow people couldn’t find out why either. It finally stopped hapening when I started working in a chrome version without any extensions. I had 7 extensions at the time, I don’t know which one was faulty.

Can you try removing all extensions in Chrome?

Thanks, I’ll try for a bit and see what happens. Unfortunately I need hangouts on to work!

You can get Chrome Canary, which is a development build of chrome and won’t share any extension with Chrome. I do that. Canary for Webflow. Get a stable release though (:

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So this is still happening but now I can’t even fix it. It only happens in mobile view though.

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Hi @Mowgli, thanks for the update. Could you share the read-only link to the site, so I can take a look at this?


Thanks for your reply. I fixed it by reconstructing it. I will send a link if it happens again but I’m afraid that I can’t share it publicly. Is there somewhere where I could send it direct to you?

Hi, thanks a lot for the update :slight_smile: If it happens again, follow the instructions on this page: