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Recommend good gradient videos?

Can anyone recommend any good videos that demonstrate how to use the Webflow gradient tool? I’ve watched Webflow’s videos but I don’t think they do a good job of really showing you how to operate it. I struggle terribly when I try to duplicate a linear gradient I see used in some of the templates in the Webflow Templates area. Thanks.

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hi @robertfdev as you do not show gradient you trying to replicate it is hard to help. If you do understand how create gradient you can write your custom code. You can use any gradient generators and use generated code.

There are others you can find on internet. Anyway, the best way is to learn something about gradients as on internet is zillion of articles.

Webflow provided tools are only basic and videos are too to get no-coder to start on WF platform. To use WF you should be familiar with some basics css and html

Thanks! I’ll check these out.

Hi @robertfdev if you do not have further questions to this topic feel free to close your request.

I understand how to do gradients now. What I didn’t understand is that you have to double-click on stop bars at the end of each gradient tool and enter the colors for your beginning and ending stops. Using the CSS Gradient tool shown above helped me to figure this out. It’s also a good tool for playing around with your colors to get the effect you want. That tools links to some helpful articles. The CSS-Tricks article is also good for helping you to understand how gradients work.

hi @robertfdev good to see that you solved request on your own.

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