reCAPTCHA when exporting

Will reCAPTCHA work on exported sites?

@Cricitem We include all of the frontend code required to render the reCAPTCHA, but since it requires server-side validation, you’ll need to follow all the instructions on to send and verify the response on whatever backend service you’re using to process the form data.

Internally, we only test that reCAPTCHA works on hosted sites, since that’s the only server environment that we have access to.


Hello, would it be possible to detail the operational steps to follow for adding a reCaptcha in a form of an exported site? Thank you in advance!

since it requires code, you may want to read through Google’s guide:

Thank you for the fast reply! I’m really not comfortable with this, would it be possible to detail the operational steps to follow?
I know that you prefer that Webflow users use the Webflow hosting rather than the export feature but this would be really helpful for a lot of users to have a tutorial.
It would be great if it could be the subject of a new article in the University section similarly to the article that you posted to describe how to send form submissions to Mailchimp (!

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Hi @PixelGeek, two years later I still haven’t manage to make this work, is it possible to get more details on how this must be implemented?

I have added the code line <script src="" async defer></script> in head section and the div <div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="your_site_key"></div>in the form as per Google instructions, and then the form is submitted to FormCarry (where I have also defined the secret key in the settings).
The recaptcha element is rendered correctly, but I can submit the form without checking it. Can you please help?

I would recommend that you implement the solution as documented by FormCarry. See =>

Hi @webdev it worked thanks! I just needed to change the code line in head section to remove async defer !