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Rearranging stuff in navigator

Hi webflowerz,
When trying to rearrange my sections in the navigator panel i have encountered a little bug,
when i tried to drag something down under a collapsable item, it goes inside of it.

sry i can’t print screen at the moment so i have to be creative :smile:
for example:

—>section 1
—>section 2
—>section 4
—>section 3

if you try to drag section 4 under section 3 it won’t go under it, it will go inside of it.

Thank you!

Hi @Mordi_Levi, one alternative now that you can use, if you have problems to put that section 4 in right place, is to first copy or cut the section4 element, then select the body element (the parent) and paste the section4 element as a child of the selected element, in this case “Body”.

You should also be able to just drag in Section4 to some position, for example, if section4 is above section3 in your example, then drag section3 to above section4 and then it should be arranged correct. Also, you will have less issue moving things around, if you first add an element as the first child of a parent, then rearrange those sibling elements in correct order under the parent element. Hopefully that makes sense.

We’re working on making it possible to drag between elements. You should see an update soon.

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I have an alternative just thought i’d suggest an upgrade :smile:
thanks guys!