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Moving a section


I struggle with moving a section via drag and drop in the “layers panel”. It keeps dropping the section as a child into an other section. I can’t get it to get one level higher with the Body as parent.

Also when I select a section and copy paste the other section it copies it inside it. Shouldn’t it copy it beneath it? On the same level, both with Body as parent?


I’ve run into challenges at times with this, though I don’t know that it was limited to sections. It’s tough to find the sweet spot between the bottom item in a level n group and the top of the next level n group below it to insert another level n item between them. I’ve often ended up re-ordering things by dropping them into body one by one in the reverse order I need them. (Obviously not practical once the list gets really long.)

Not as much lately though, I don’t know whether I’ve gotten more adept, the widget has been tweaked, or I just haven’t needed to do the same operations as much lately.

But with a rewrite of that nav list on the way, I’d +1 that targeting levels on drag and drop has been a headache in the past and it would be great to see that optimized.

Hi ramatsu,

Thanks for evaluating. That sweet spot you talk about between level n groups is not there in my opinion. It selects a level n group (often a section) and then drops is at level n.1 in stead of the next level n.

My suggestion would be to introduce of CMD/CTRL-arrow up down interaction for moving stuff in the “layers panel”.


@thesergie - Is this an issue that you’ve got eyes on for the nav panel upgrade? It’s right there with collapsibility in my view. In fact, I think some of what I wanted the collapsibility for was to make my workarounds for touchy targeting a little more effective.

Yeah this is definitely one of the issues we want to solve. It’s touchy and not consistent at the moment.

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Hoping this upgrade will come soon, it’s so difficult and impossible to move sections

I don’t know if it’s been tweaked to be better in recent weeks or I’m just slowly getting more adept (and avoiding trying as often), but I don’t seem to be struggling with it as much as I was.

I’m still struggling. It’s really affecting my webflow