Read/write Alt Text from images in asset manager?

Hey there! I was working on building a tool that we could use to update the alt text for all of the images on a site at once. I was hoping to let the user update the alt text via the Assets API, but sadly it doesn’t look like the alt text is available in the API (List Assets). Does anyone know of a workaround, or some other way to edit alt text programmatically?

Hey @Joe_Hohman!

I’m not 100% sure of any workarounds, however this feature request is something the team are aware of. No timeline on when this may be shipped, but we have shared this feedback!

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@Joe_Hohman @jonohale Could you integrate with webflow? We were looking into this as well, but agree it’s been difficult to figure out an easy way to get an app that can easily access + modify image alt text.

Even the new Designer Apps don’t seem to have this ability – it would be really cool to just have a designer app that can handle the “selectedelement” event, and for images allow the user to update the alt text. There are still a lot of missing features in the designer API to do this, though.

@jonohale Feel free to ping me directly if you guys want to discuss a more direct integration with We have a lot of customers asking for a native Webflow integration as well :slight_smile:

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Hey @alttextai

We have an App onboarding guide you can follow here: Getting started

However, do reach out to and we’d love to hear more about your App!