Animation and interactions

Hi All,

I’m working on a website for my first client and I’m running into some problems with animations:

  1. The H1 of the hero section scrolls to two different sides when a visitor scrolls down. However, I notice that the frame of the website expands and I scroll down, meaning I can now scroll side to side. How do I prevent the site frame from changing, despite elements moving beyond the view port.
  2. I created a dot that follows the cursor around. Now when I hover over animations, such as in the projects page, the hover animation does not work. Can the dot be edited so that it does not interfere with the hover animations?
  3. In the projects section on the home page, a preview of the clients work will appear when you hover over a project.
    3a. When you mouse over a project from one to the other in the middle, the preview of the image prevents the mouse from activating the next image from showing. This is the same problem as #2.
    3b. The hover animation glitches when mousing in from the side. The image will haphazardly appear.

Thanks in advance!


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