Reached 10000 limit in custom code


We have a website that uses custom code to link to a Shopify cart - buy now button (due to the need for a checkbox in UK law).

Unfortunately I need to update the terms & conditions in the popup and this takes me over the 10000 character limit for custom code.

Here is the code:

Also, if there is anyone who has been able to add the quantity button for Shopify into a custom Webflow popup, please feel free to weigh in! Shopify SDK here:

Thanks in advance,

Hey space_cadet , when using custom code always be sure to minify it to reduce the character count. Here are 2 free services you can use: and

Not sure if these will help too much since you have a lot of text in the Terms & Conditions, but it should get the count down at least a little.

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Or you can split the code into two embed code fields (provided you don’t break any JavaScript functions).