Re-position slider arrows

I’ve been trying to solve this for a while now…

Could someone help me with repositioning the slider arrows so that they are both inline with this text and next to each other (horizontally)?

Thank you!

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Give the arrows a fixed width and height (50px each) and Position, stick them to the top right.
Give the left arrow a Margin of 50px, it should not be on top of the right arrow.

Here is some screenshots:

Right arrow:

Left arrow:

I hope this helps.

Thanks, @Eli11 . I actually want these inline with the text shown in the screenshot — which would mean outside of the image and not overlaid on top. Is this possible?


If you want the arrows to be above the slider, give the arrows a min px and position top.
You can use percentage or any other measure…

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@Eli11 Hmm something weird is happening now when I resize my browser on a desktop

Any advice