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Hi @Waldo thank you and very much appreciated for your response.

As an example that makes life easier for people one of my clients’ sites uses Webflow CMS to both display menu’s on the website and print directly from web pages so managers only need to update and print table menus directly from a web page. It’s not ideal however as even using custom code paged media classes were not respected on publishing, admittedly I’ve not tried this for some time.

Here’s an example of their current beers on draft, they have 20 lines and change them regularly. Printable menu: Beer Menu

There’s a lot more potential in terms of more complex usage and true multimedia publication.


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@Sam_Sharpe so is the issue that when you go to print, the layout is changed? If so, I think I may have a solution for you.

@chris_loggins yes, using @paged media declarations in custom code in Webflow. It doesn’t work very well at all last time I checked.

ideally it would just be a targetable break point like the others when designing in Webflow. E.g. mobile/tablet/desktop/printed media, set page to an ISO A size and it be honoured when printing.

As an InDesign user of some experience there’s vast potential here for Webflow as a design tool.

@chris_loggins this is in reference to a thread that got closed. In reference to this wishlist request from me: Support for CSS3 Paged Media Module Level 3 | Webflow Wishlist
In reference to this: CSS Paged Media Module Level 3