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Printing a webpage

Making a site for a restaurant. They have a lunch menu that changes every week, I’m using the cms for that. Each week they have to write the the same info twice. Once in webflow and once in Word for printing. I would like to prepare a page with the collection in mind for them to print from. Any pointers to do that? Should I use media query for print with embedded code? Or use pt instead of me? Anyone done something similar or have any ideas on how I should do this?


Hey @jorn,

You could use something like this to generate a pdf from you web page, there are a few neat future you can use, even for dynamic content.

Hope this helps!


What could be efficient, if the menu is a CMS object, is to design a nice page ready to be printed. White bg, nice elegant fonts, do some testing for it to fit on a page or two depending on the menu.

You can also go custom code and apply a media query for printing to the menu page. But you lose the ease of the visual editor. I wonder how you could still design it in the editor, for the tablet media query for example, grab the css code and copy it to your custom print media query :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Will lok in to that.

Yes the menu is a cms object. Designing a webpage is the solution I am aiming for. Want to do it right. Right now as I am using em’s on the site and those are down to something like 0.5 to get a nice print it just doesn’t feel right :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link, I think I stumbled on to that while googling. More experiments needed. Would be nice with a print media queri. I know its been asked for on the forums.

Designing it visually can lead to a great printed work. Especially with font choice. If you have a CC licence, there’s Mrs Eaves that’s been added recently:

It can be really great on a menu.

Found this for thoughts,8599,1813950,00.html :slight_smile:

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