Re-arranging classes to account for cascading effects?

Not sure if I am missing something.
But how are folks going about re-arranging user created global classes to account for how the style sheet cascades?
I want to use more of an atomic/modular/object-oriented css approach to my designs but find that the inability to arrange classes make this impossible in webflow. As well as the fact that you can’t delete one item in a stacked class without deleting whatever classes are before it.

Is there a best practice to help me accomplish what I want or is it just something you can’t do in webflow.

Or am I missing something completely?

Also…I am not sure how custom classes work in the custom code section. How can I call them in the designer if I need to go that route? Adding the created class name in the class manager doesn’t work.

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I’m trying to use atomic CSS too and I’m facing similar issues. I also realized when i rename a class in a combo, it creates a mess as not all classes with the same name are renamed :confused:

@PixelGeek what do you think about atmoic css and what are the best practices of atomic css with Webflow?

Thanks for reviving this @Anna_Kelian. I too am very interested in a response from the webflow team.

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