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Random 404 errors

Hi all,

Seem to be getting a lot of 404s when I click in certain places.

Specifically on the information page when I click on any of the images here…

Double checked and they are not links of any sort.

Testing in chrome.

Share link here:

Any help much appreciated.


Hi @ryan585 :wave:

I’ve taken a look, but it seems you may have figured out the issue as I cannot reproduce it here. Please let me know if you still need help with this though and I’ll happy to help :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply.

So on the homepage, if you click on the blue image of me. I’m still seeing a 404?

Also, on the info page, if you click on the pink image say, it’s coming back with a 404?

Any tips?!

It’s your custom code in the site settings. The jQuery is doing something to the class name .imagelink on click. I haven’t dug in, but removing it works.

Hope that helps!

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Great, thanks.

I guess i’m still using the custom code to have the nice page fade.

If I change the imagelink to something else on those images that don’t need a click i’m guessing that should fix it?

Appreciate it.

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