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Quickly diplays pages preview

HI, can I suggest to implement a pages preview in the pages panel? Even more, i suggest something like this website :

When you click on the logo, pages are being displayed with a thumbnail grid in a really cool and intuitive way. I think this feature can easily be created by your awesome team. This will allow users to create complexe website and always have a bird view of “everything”.

I think of Adobe Indesign Preview Pages or Illustrator Artboards approach as main references.
Hope that you like the idea and interaction suggestions.

QuickCast of menu

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I love the Work&Co layout (: I may or may not have started to try to replicate it with Webflow… :kissing:

That said, this could be useful, but i’d hate to lose the simple list. I have sites with more than 90 pages and thumbs would be counter productive if not a nightmare.

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