Quick question on forms

Hello guys,

I can not find a way to arrange the field “Prénom” and the field “Nom” to be on the same line.
I tried to modify the width, the type of box but I cannot manage it…

Thanks for your help 🫶🏽

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You’ll find it easier to layout your form if you group each of your label+input pairs in a containing DIV classes something like form-field ( flex, vertical ).

Then you can wrap those prenom and nom divs together in another div ( flex, horizontal ).

You may also want to set the form to flex, vertical.

FORM flex vertical
  DIV flex horizontal
    DIV.form-field flex vertical
      LABEL prenom
    DIV.form-field flex vertical
      LABEL nom
  DIV.form-field flex vertical
    LABEL adresse

Thank you memetican :pray:

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