Questions about layout


After I designed a section and hit the toggle preview it does not match the designer view. The alignments are completely messed up. I would appreciate any help.

Thank you!

Everything behaves exactly as it should according to the way you’ve designed it. I don’t know what exactly you want to happen but if you mean the right photo being overlaid on top of the left column then you shouldn’t have made this photo absolutely positioned with fixed distance from the left part of the website set in pixels.

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Alright, got it.

Thank you @dram!!

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Hey @dram, one more thing when I check it in the tablet or mobile view the picture is overlapping. How do I correct it?


By not making it absolutely positioned :wink: I really suggest you go and take a dive into the university - it is an excellent source of information that should get you started on how to properly lay out your page.

I did go through few course and anyway I will go through them again. What is the alternative for absolute?

Well, relative or static. Please check out the flexbox layout basics and try using it to buld the layout that you currently have. You don’t need absolutely positioned elements for such layout at all.

Alright I got that.
As you see in the link in second section the line and the scroll are not aligned in the toggle preview :confused:

LIke @avivtech told you in another topic there is no simple solution to your layout problems. You really need to work your way through all the available Uni courses to get a grasp of proper structuring and positioning.

Thanks @dram. I will do the same and start from scratch. :crossed_fingers:


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That’s the spirit! You can totally do it!