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Questions about best approach for a full-width menu

Hi all – I read a couple of older posts on the subject but wanted to see what the consensus is on the best way to handle building a full-length menu system very similar to

I was going down the route of building an full-width 3-column element for each main nav item with the appropriate sub menu, and then using interactions to tie each element to one of my main nav items. However, I’m wondering if there is a better way – it seems the easiest thing to do would be to use drop downs in a full-width section with columns but I can’t seem to make that happen. Any thoughts?

Yop, thoughts. Look at my take on what’s usually called a Mega Drop Down menu

It’s easy to do. You’ll have to give maybe unique classes to each menu to place it. Although your “full bleed” approach may allow you not to.

Play with the menus a bit and come back here with a public link if you’re getting stuck somewhere. You can click the green link on the left on my demo to get to the public project, to digg in.