QUESTION! Where is between Head Tag? AdSense on Webflow

“Connect your site to AdSense, Copy and paste this code in the HTML of your site, between the >head< and >head< tags.

Does this means inside <head< tag?

I thought so but I am seeing people saying placing it before tag?

Or do I place it from the project setting > Head Code > Add code at the end of the tag

I would appreciate anyone giving me feedback on this. Thanks.

Hi Jason,

Correct, placing between the opening head tag and the closing head tag means placing inside the head tag which is what the field in Project Settings > Custom Code > Head Code is for.

I think what those people might have meant is placing the code before the closing tag.

For placing ads themselves, you’ll most likely be using an HTML embed within your page, more on this here: Custom code | Webflow University