Question regarding WFs options/viability as a webdesign beginner


im just starting out in webdesign and only made couple sites with worpress so far.
Im learning the technical basics in common software tools, design theory, learning html/css and working on a portfolio in webflow.

I got a freelance gig to create a mainly text based blog, and im not sure if webflow is the right choice for me at this point. My concerns are as follows:

The client (not tech savy) wants to host the blog on his own webhost. So i create the page in webflow, export it and upload it to his webhost? So far i only delivered websites without offering support after release, and while im aware this is definitely something you have to do as a freelancer id rather not dive into it at this point. Id like to deliver the project without the obligation to babysit it in the future.

I’ve seen the CMS in your CMS Overview video (i cant seem to add new blogposts in the free version), and it seems very complicated to set it up before handing it over to the editor (i think i can handle it tho).

Now, if i export the site and its hosted somewhere else: can he as a non techy guy handle the blog entries on his own? Assuming there wont be a need for changing elements/redesigning it he should be fine?

Basicly: is it worth doing a possibly 1 time project in webflow for a customer without committing to webflows monthly subscription and the hosting service? (paying 1 month for the pro version) What else would be the downsides? (i think the page beeing non-dynamic is neglectable at this point)

Thanks in advance!

No, exported sites does not come with Webflow CMS and no CMS data.

Yes, this is possible if you know how to integrate with a third-party CMS after exporting. (which is what I have done before)

See ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits

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