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Question on map of Spain

Hello everyone, I am a user learning the WEbflow system and the truth is that I find it much easier than other web design systems.
I am creating a site in which we need a map of Spain interactive by autonomous communities (states) and that is interactive.
For example, here we can see a graphic example:

The functionality we want to give is that when you click on a province redirects them to a specific page (as a link).
Do you know if it is possible?

Is this map generated by a JavaScript plugin?

I thinks so
This is the link:

My friend, so from my Google digging, I have found that in order to incorporate your idea into Webflow, you would need to use a mixture of svg and embedded codes in Webflow.

I have found an interesting YouTube video of someone trying to achieve a similar idea but the USA map. I am going to link it here and I hope it gives you a direction to proceed in.