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Make a single image clickable in different locations

I need to make an image of a map clicable in three different regions. For visualization purposes, say I need to have a map of Africa. A user needs to be able to click on one country to link to a page, another country to link to a second, and the ocean to link to a third.

Should I just try to place button boxes over the map in fixed locations? It would be great if I could animate the outline or solid shape of the clickable region, but if that’s not possible I’m fine doing a circle button or something.

Does anyone have any better ideas, experience with this issue, or links to any relevant tutorials??

Any help is much appreciated.

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could you cut the image up into different pieces, line them up so they look like one image and add a link to each section? Like a jigsaw puzzle

Thanks, but not really, it needs to also be responsive, so if I cut it up the potential for it to not align on older phones seems to be a big risk.

You might want to look at this codepen for ideas.

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Hi @MallPalm I’ve had experience of creating a world map with location markers. Here’s a preview design.

The structure is an absolute div set to full with a 6 row column nested inside to act as a frame over the map image. Each marker & accompanying pop-up is nested in another absolute div with percentage positioning (top, bottom, left, right - whichever is needed to get it positioned correctly). The pop ups on hover help to give context/description due to lack of outlining regions (which would be a better solution).

This was created a while ago as a simpler solution to integrating some custom code with country/region outlines, not the most responsive element but markers do retain their positions. Thought it may give some inspiration though :slight_smile:


Hi -

This is extremely helpful and sort of more of what I had in mind. Your map looks great, thank you for this suggestion.

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