Question for Traditional Chinese


We built a website in EN for a client and they have had another website made in Simplified Chinese on a .cn domain. Now they’re asking to translate the EN site to Traditional Chinese (Taiwan, HK, etc, not RPC).

Should we simply pick “Chinese” from the list of Locales? Would this work with hreflang tags? Has anyone experience with translating to Traditional Chinese online?


Any advice or share of experience would help! Thanks!


For some reason Webflow filled the languages list with a huge range of locales but doesn’t give any indication on which are supported for machine translation, or what language code they represent.

In Jan 2024, Amazon Translate is the underlying service, and for Chinese they support-

Language Language code
Chinese (Simplified) zh
Chinese (Traditional) zh-TW

Based on this I’d guess you’re safest choosing Chinese (Taiwan) in Webflow’s language list.

Yes, I guess that makes sense. Thanks very much!