Concerns and suggestions about multi-language functionality🌎

:raised_hands:t2: I am so glad to see Webflow is having multi-language functionality soon!

There are quite a lot of questions and concerns related to multi-language functionality.

  • How it works for URL: Sub-directory / sub-domain / URL-query / no change on URL
  • Can we customize language codes that appear on URL?
  • The flexibility to customize language switch dropdown or list
  • Ability to switch the default language
  • Translation workflow
  • Remembering the visitor’s selected language option
  • Visitor’s geo- or browser-detection
  • SEO concerns

I am sure you guys have a lot more ideas.
Let’s jam~

Um, let me go deeper on language variations (of Chinese)…

The situation is a bit more complicated for the Chinese language. Similar to Eng and probably some other languages, there are at least two Chinese variations:
• Traditional Chinese for: Taiwan, Hongkong, and Macau
• Simplified Chinese for: China, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

So, the options should have both:
• Traditional Chinese (zh-hant / tc)
• Simplified Chinese (zh-hans / sc)

Some platforms, such as Weglot, use “tw” as the code of Traditional Chinese by default, which is wrong… “tw” stands for Taiwan but not Traditional Chinese. That makes such platforms not preferable by most clients in many cases. If there is “tw”, it needs to have “zh-hk”, “zh-sg”, etc.

By the way, there is only “zh” on the list of ISO 639-1 which is certainly insufficient for localization:
List of ISO 639-1 codes - Wikipedia

Microsoft uses “zh-cn”, “zh-tw”, “zh-hk”:

I have no idea if Webflow would allow customization of the language code that appears on the URL… But, in conclusion, my recommendation is to provide all the options below. It will probably cover all real-world use cases.