Question: deleting project with hosting

I apologize in advance if this is a silly question. I just started using Webflow (love it btw) and only have two projects, however, only 1 has CMS hosting. If I delete that project, does hosting move to the other one? I figured I could just delete it and find out but acting hastily usually doesn’t work in my favor lol.

I am interested to see the answer to this excellent question!

IIRC, you cannot delete a project with hosting. You have to cancel the hosting first.

Can any staff confirm this?

They answered on their Facebook page. They said the hosting can’t be switched to another project. It has to be canceled and repurchased basically.

“Unfortunately, no. You’ll need to cancel the hosting on the CMS project and setup new hosting for the project that will be used. You can cancel hosting in the project settings in the Billing tab.”.

I understand why they did this but it’s a bummer all the same.

Hi @arsin29, if you have concerns with billing, you can contact Webflow support at

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