Question about the different types of plans

Hi everyone!
I have a static site to make for a client and I want to make it with webflow.
My client already has a domain name for an old wordpress site so I will have to use his domain name.
In the free plans this is not possible.

I wonder if I should take the freelance plan for myself or pay the plan just for the site?


  • I need his domain name
  • I need to be able to give him an access in the editor to update some parts of the site.

If someone could help me, thanks :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you only need a site plan for that client.

Thank you very much for the answer. The amount just for the site (23USD / month) is higher than the access to the freelance workspace (16USD / month).

That’s why I was wondering if with the freelance access I could still give a custom domain name to the site as well as access to the editor.

No. A paid site plan is required for custom domains to be assigned to a project, as detailed on the pricing page. You can reach out to Webflow for pre-sales questions.

Thank’s for your answers :slight_smile: