Question about forms and hosting

If I have a form on my website, will it still work if my website is hosted with a third party? Other sites offer hosting for almost half of the price so I’m planning on using Webflow for development, and something else for hosting. However, while checking out the “forms” tab of my dashboard, I noticed that Webflow charges a cent for each form submission.

If it won’t work, is there an easy way to create a form with custom HTML or something?

It will continue to work unless you delete the project. To remove form submission functionality, remove the class w-form from the form wrapper.

@samliew Will the form submissions continue to show up on the Site Settings tab in Webflow or will they need to be collected elsewhere? If so, how and where?

If the project has not been deleted, form submissions will work as normal. A copy will be saved in the dashboard, and a copy will be sent to the email address specified in the settings.

If the project has been deleted. The form will cease to work. You cannot even submit the form.

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