Question about CMS hosting

Hi there,
I have a client who wants her website to have a blog. I’ve been looking into webflow CMS, however I’m concerned that if she wants to get hosting elsewhere then it won’t work. CMS hosting is $12.00/mo. whereas third party hosting can be as cheap as $1.99/mo.

Will setting up collections and such be useless if my client wants to use third party hosting?

Collections in Webfllow cannot be exported as far as I am aware. You could do a static layout for one blog so you can export styles etc, but would need to adds blogs in whatever software you decided to use.

I doubt $1.99 hosting can be compared to what you get with the Webflow hosting, including software updates etc. And updating and editing the blog and page content is pretty easy (especially for small businesses owners).

You need explain the benefits of the webflow service. You will not get an SSL and some of the world’s fastest hosting for $1.99 a month. That $1.99 will get you no SSL on a shared server with 300 other websites.

The difference is night and day.


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