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Puzzled by a Heading

This should be the easiest fix but it’s got me baffled. My header won’t center. Checked everything I could think of even made the field 100%. Nothing

Thanks for all the replies to previous posts!!!

Here is my site Read-Only:
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I new this would happen. It was simple, I just went to the parent element, changed the setting to block and 100%, problem solved


Awesome man! Glad you figured it out!

Thanks man much appreciated

Any suggestions on setting columns to equal heights? Or do I need to start over and use a div and flex them, and so on. Having trouble with flex items not doing so well on other devices like smart phones.
I know this is off topic if I need to make another post let me know,
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Flex and grid are the only way to do equal heights. Columns don’t work like that unless you put in a manual height for all the columns.

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@DFink Said it! Use Flex and set the alignment to “stretch”. This will ensure everything within the parent div will have the same height if the ‘flex-direction’ is set to ‘vertical’ or same width if ‘flex-direction’ is set to horizontal of course. If you need me to make a video showing you let me know. I’d be happy to help!

You guys are amazing. Thanks for the quick responses. Any tips on how to “Know” that Flexbox will work across all devices. I think I change the size of my images while I am styling on the desktop, does that affect how the page renders on Mobile Landscape, Portrait and even Ipad? Is there a best practices when designing such as do one thing at a time and test it? Did I just answer my own question?

Haha, you kind of did but as I’m sure you know, the wonderful thing about Webflow is having the different breakpoints at hand to work with. So yes, Flexbox will work on all devices and you can change the settings for Flexbox for each breakpoint/device so you can get it looking just the way you like. :wink:

OK, thanks, does the new grid layout eliminate these extra steps?

You still have to configure how you want things to look on any breakpoint.

Question. I have an image and when I change the size in another mode like landscape, for example, it changes the size on my desktop and other device sizes. Is there a tip to keep this from happening?
Thank you

It will naturally cascade downward. That’s why you have to go through each breakpoint and change it how you want it to look. It would be the same way as if you were writing code.

Great, thanks. I was busy working on my site. Didn’t get back til now. I do have one more issue. In the designer everything lines up perfectly after some hours of work. However, when I “Publish” the site some of the text and headers are pushed to the right. Don’t even know where to start fixing this. I flexed each section and that seemed to work until this morning
Thanks for all the help
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Ok, so you have quite a few issues going on with your site. Not really sure where to begin. Hmm…

I think I will start streaming on YouTube fixing select Webflow websites to help people learn. I think thats a great way to get a good understanding of how things work and a solid understanding of design. Would you maybe be willing to be the first person to share their site and let me edit it live for you and others to watch? Then you could watch it back and make the changes yourself so you can learn that way?

Yes sir, no problem. I have decided to use the CMS but still don’t quite know how everything works and perhaps it was a bad time to add the CMS to my project since I am so new. Let me know the Youtube channel to watch,

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