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Putting a chart into a CMS item field

I’m looking for suggestions on how to accomplish the following:

I want to have a CMS page display a chart of Color Hexcodes, but only on a single CMS page out of a collection.

Here’s the setup:
My CMS Pages come from the “Aesthetics” collection.
I want to have the “Color” Page (from the “Aesthetics” collection) display a chart.
I don’t want that chart to appear on any other CMS Pages of the “Aesthetics” collection.
I know how collections work, and that I have to add a field in the collection list for the chart which can be filled in on individual collection items.
I know I can have a divblock with that content reference in it on the page template and that it won’t display on other pages if the field is left empty on those CMS items.
I need to find a way to embed a chart into a CMS item field so I can input it on individual CMS items.
Note: I do not want the chart to be a jpg or png image. Its text must remain searchable.

I’ve considered adding a reference or multi reference, but I would need to create the structure for those references to be displayed in a page template which would cause empty spaces on other Aesthetics CMS pages.

I’ve also looked into making the chart Rich Text but it doesn’t look like that’s possible at the moment (I’ve read a few forum posts about it).

TLDR: What I’m asking is if anyone knows or has ideas for how to embed a chart into a CMS item, or what collection field type can accomplish the task.

Public share link: Can’t share it, sorry. But the question doesn’t require a link.