Pull data from an external plugin

Hi there,

I was wondering, if some javascript could pull data from an external plugin, namely “Likebtn”, embeded within a Webflow custom code componenent ?

Here is what I’m trying to do:

I would like to capture the like count and past it into the Webflow CMS number field. The idea behind this madness, is to then be able to sort all items within my collection, based on the number of likes each item received, therefore showing only “intersting” idea first and the less successful, well at the end :slight_smile:

Another way to look at it would be: is there a native way for webflow to allow user to “vote” on CMS items ? And use that vote to sort those items ? :roll_eyes: I am trying to build a platforme for my little town, so that people can propose ideas (I use a Zapier to Webflow live item integration Zap which works like magic) and vote on those ideas so the city knows which ideas to prioritize, somehow. Everything works good except I can’t sort those item based on their “dynamic popularity” so to speak.

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What do you think ?
If that is plain impossible please let me know too :slight_smile:

Hello I have the same problem. I would like to use LIKEBTN and I would like to get the number of likes and add this in a collection list field.

Have you found the solution?