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Published Site Interaction Issues

The published version of my site is having issues with the interactions at full screen. But I have know issues when looking at my site via the preview on the designer.

I also tried it on chrome and safari, same issues on both browsers.

Here is a link to the published site:
EDIT: The interaction should happen when clicking on the hamburger menu.

Any suggestions?

Do not apply interactions on Webflow components. I suggest you remove the menu button and insert your own fake menu image.

Thanks for the help!

The Hamburger is a image inside of a link block. It this something that should be changed?

Since you already have your own interaction to open the menu, delete the default webflow one.

Here is the backend link:

Apologies for not providing it at first. I am new to webflow.

I seem to have fixed it.
It looks like I had the link block set to go to the home page. Once I switched it to none it worked perfectly!

Thanks for the help!

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