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Code Export unexpected behaviour

The Code export feature doesen’t seem to work as expected.

On Webflow the published index page looks like this:

And when I open the index.html file from the exported code i get this:

I compared the html and css with the inspector tool and could not find any difference. Now I really wonder what went wrong and how I can fix these differences.


  1. Offset before the fullpage. I can’t figure out where it comes from
  2. Navigation Menu items are aligned vertically. Why?

I investigated this issue for another 10 hours now.
the 2. problem was easily fixed by setting the alignment of the division to vertical.

The 1. one is definitely more complex.
It has to do with “whitespaces” between the divs. Does anyone know more about this?
There is a post in StacokOverflow about this. by putting divs side by side it fixes the weird spacing.

I would like to fix this in webflow, the work I have after exporting code is already more than enough :smiley:

Maybe @cyberdave could help? I saw that you posted some stuff about whitespaces with inline elements. Here the issue is similar but with normal block elements as it seems.

when exporting your code, make sure to always export minified html.
this works by pressing ctrl + O with the export tab open.