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Publication of grid doesn't work

Hey there

I have written the same in a previous post but the discussion has been closed.

First of all: grid is a great tool – love it!

But: I have aligned several div elements in a 12X12 Grid yesterday and published the site for client review - anything works fine. Today I’ve published the site again and all elements are alined at the left hand side of the screen and not within the css grid.

This occurs only in the published version. Within the Webflow Designer, anything is fine and aligned at the right position within the grid. (see screenshot below). Here is the Read-only Link:

Could you please help?.

Thx and best regards, Philipp

In Webflow Designer with grid:

In Webflow Designer with grid:

image.png2398x1638 274 KB

In published mode

image.png2708x1616 173 KB

I’m not sure exactly what is going on, but in the published version, everything is shifted one column to the left.

In the project, you can clearly see this element is set to begin at column 3 and end at 10, but in the published version it is set to begin at 2 and end at 3.

The only thing I can see is that you’ve got an animation running on this page which has no targets.

Beyond that, it looks like you’ve got your navigation bar setup incorrectly on the other sub pages. I can’t imagine THAT would cause this, but it could be worth a shot to delete those other instances then publish and see what it does.


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@HeadStarterz_GmbH Thank you for writing in. Looks like we have a bug when you duplicate a page that has a grid inside of it.

We’re discussing a fix right now, but we do have a workaround for your site.

  1. Select the node with the class Main
  2. Cut it via the right-click menu or the shortcut CMD+X
  3. Paste it back in via the right-click menu or the shortcut CMD+V
  4. Republish your site

This should work. Please let us know if it doesn’t


Hey Linda

Great! That’s it! I cut out the nodes with the class “main” and “Navigation” and inserted them again. Now it works! :wink:

Br, Philipp

@Cricitem: nevertheless, thank you for your fast support! :+1:


My support is mostly emotional in nature.

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