Pronunciation Audio (Like on LinkedIn)

Linked in allow you to record your name and then an icon is visible after your mane which is when clicked plays a recording. See example:

I’d like to do this on their webflow site About | Carpenter Consulting Partners

And, I don’t want to embed a Soundcloud player on the page as it looks really clunky. I just want to have a clickable icon (exactly like LinkedIn).

Any suggestions? Or am I looking at getting some custom code done?

Many Thanks

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Hi @grahamtaylornyc You’re probably looking for something like the below, which according to my knowledge requires some low-level coding

Pronunciation Audio Test

Text to Voice converted here[for the experimental purpose]

Learn how to host mp3 on google drive here

:point_down:code used

let audioButton = document.querySelector(".audio-button"); // <-- Change CSS Class Here
audioButton.addEventListener("click", function () {
  var audio = document.getElementById("audio");

  if (audio.paused) {;
  } else {
    audio.currentTime = 0;



Hope this helps :peace_symbol:

Thank you so much!!!