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Simplest way to embed an audio file?

I want to insert a very simple audio file into my portfolio website. On clicking the ‘play sound’ icon, I hope to play a file that pronounces my name.

Reading through the forums there seem to be so many different ways of doing this, none of them seem optimal… can someone guide me here? There seem to be HTML5 players, and Soundcloud etc… not sure which direction to go.

See attachment for how it is meant to look like on my portfolio…


SoundCloud seems to be an option…


What is the simplest way to go about audio embedding?

Thanks in advance…

Hi @srile, we already can embed audio from soundcloud

Thanks @samliew. I checked it out and uploaded my audio file to SoundCloud. However, it looks like webflow need a CMS plan ($20 per month). I need to embed just a single audio file that is a pronunciation of my name.

Are there any free ways of doing this without a CMS hosting plan?

The alternatives you can use are Custom Code Component or Rich Text Component