Progressive loading of images


Is there a way in Webflow to allow progressive loading of images? Images that are not rendered at page load time but when being scrolled in focus?

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Search this forum for “lazy loading”. I don’t know if some users got it to work with Webflow.

It should work on webflow - like any other JS custom code.

LazyLoad (vanilla-lazyload) (github 2579 stars):

"The problem" - you should add class="lazy" & data-src (webflow Custom attributes) for all of your images (Very tidy). But again it should work.


thanks for the answer guys. Need to look into this with our developers.

Hey mate, do you have a working example of this being implemented in Webflow?

Thanks for sharing vanilla-lazyload, btw!

There is only three ways to do this (based on my extensive research).

Two of them I documented here ->

The third is dependent on third-party image CDN features that I have tested and been able to confirm I can do on the fly, with responsive images, and AI features, lazy loaded, based on dynamic scripts injected via data stored in a collection. - I plan on writing a complete tut on this, but need about 4-6 hours of free time to do it. It is the holy grail I have been seeking.


Sounds like the holy grail I’VE been seeking too! :trophy:

Would be absolutely thrilled if you found the time to write up a tutorial for all that!

What should the value of the data-src attribute be?