♪ Lazy Load - Anyone could make it happen?

Hello @Everyone,

I wondered if anyone could add the JQuery famous “LazyLoad for JQuery” script, that loads divs (dynamic items) as the user scrolls…
A little step by step tutorial with the basic settings would come in handy…

Since we don’t have pagination yet, I’m sure it can be a great alternative.

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It’s already provided in the link. Could your question be more specific?

If you need to know where to put those scripts, it should go into Page Settings > Footer Code

Hi @Zacchino @samliew – I recently added lazy loading to a webflow site using the ‘Lazy Load XT’ plugin ( I wanted a lazy load plugin that supported ‘srcset’ for webflow’s responsive images)

It was easy enough to set up, there are a few details how to get it working with webflow here:

My problem is I can’t figure out how to get it working with with webflow sliders!