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Profile & Showcase Stuck?

So, on my profile, it is saying that I can’t take my practice site down as a showcase, since my profile is not public, right?

Well, when I try to make my profile public, any time I try to change it to public, or enter any information on it, it says that my account cannot be made public right now, please try again later or contact support.

So, my showcase is stuck showing my practice site, and I can’t take it down, because my profile isn’t public, and I can’t make it public, because it won’t change if there is a showcase up?

I’m stuck in a pickle and would really like some help making it so that I can make my profile public and adjust what’s on my showcase.

(EDIT: I was able to delete the showcase project… I duplicated it and then just deleted it to take it down. Now I can save profile information, but I can not create a public profile by ticking that slider on still.)

Thank you.

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